Highlighting tips…

I was recently asked for some highlighting tips for Brides.com but they are relevant for anyone who wears a highlighter – which in my experience is a lot of women. There is no denying the power of a good one – it can bring out features and brighten skin instantly. There of course however good ones and bad ones on the market, and also very common mistakes when it comes to application; especially if there are flash photos involved.

Here is the link if you fancy a read….

I found this tip from Betty last year about highlighting –

I personally LOVE highlighter and illuminators – they’re kind of the same thing but illuminators are softer I would say. I couldn’t be without my RMS Beauty Living Luminizer or my W3LL PEOPLE Bio-Brightening Stick – they are are my sleep cheat sticks!!

What is your favourite highlighter or are you not a fan?