Ere Perez Beautiful Beetroot Cheek and Lip Tint…

It’s no secret that I am a big fan of blusher, with cream versions being my preferred texture. I think every woman should own at least one, the instant brightening effect cannot be questioned by anyone. I’ve dabbled in beetroot 🙂 like I’m sure many of you have, but it’s just not practical for me anyway. I had heard about the Ere Perez beetroot cheek and lip tint on the grapevine and had been meaning to give it go for sometime. So when it appeared in the Clean Cult goody bag, I was very happy.

The tint is a gel like consistency that comes in a tube with a little roller ball applicator. My first go with it, I think went the way it goes with a lot of people. I readily rolled onto both cheeks to soon discover – you don’t need a lot and you need to blend quickly. I had a good strong blush that day! The good news is, the tint has amazing longevity so you don’t to reapply at all. However this also means if you are generous in your application and go stronger than planned, you’re probably stuck with it all day.

Since playing further, I really love it but there is definitely a way to use it. I think the key things are to apply to a well prepped moisturised skin – if you’re a little bit dry it will be harder to blend and you could be left with a patchy colour or hard edges.

Use the tint on a bare moisturised skin for a super natural look, but you can use it on foundation too – as long as it is quite a dewy finish. Anything matt or powdery will not blend well – you could use the tint under these though. I’ve been using mine over a BB cream and it works well. If you do apply too much of the tint then try blending it in by going back over it with your foundation or concealer, this will help to knock the colour back.

A very key thing is to do one cheek at a time and build up your colour slowly. Do a dab and blend, do a dab and blend and so on.

The colour is a lovely red and will suit a lot of skins, it just depends on how much you put on. Paler skins will need just a touch while darker skins might need to add more. It works beautifully on the lips too, just refresh it with a lip balm so it doesn’t look dry. Again apply carefully – it does stain 🙂

The tint would be akin to Benefit’s Benetint but obviously with MUCH better credentials in ALL areas.

Full ingredients – water, dog rose (rosa canina) extract, glycerin, beetroot (beta vulgaris) extract, tocopherol (vit E), methylcellulose, blue agave (agave tequilana) nectar, potassium sorbate.

Have you tried it yet? How did you get on with it?



  1. 3rd January 2017 / 12:16 pm

    I ended up with Aunt Sally cheeks! I haven’t persevered I must admit… Maybe I should give it another shot? x

  2. loudartford
    4th January 2017 / 10:10 am

    ha – that’s what I was like the first time I tried it! Yes – definitely give it another shot! xx

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