New Soil Association blog post – Christmas Skin Saviours..

If you’re gearing up for a month of festive celebrations than check out my latest blog post for the Soil Association 🙂 I’ve chosen some of my favourite Christmas skin saviours to help you glow from one party to the next. There are ideas to help tackle dark circles and puffiness, and products to brighten tired skin. Something as simple as a layer of organic yoghurt followed by some honey can boost a jaded complexion. (I stole that one from Emine Rushton of Psychologies Magazine, who spoke at a clean beauty event that I worked on last week – so thank you for the wisdom!) Nutrition is key if you want to stay radiant through the late night revelries. I have been taking this Beauty Elixir by Alchemy Super Blends every morning in an attempt to glow. I was already taking baobab, but this blend takes that further by adding goji, acai, camu camu, pea protein and wheatgrass. All amazing skin foods to help repair and boost collagen – I’m not sure it will cancel out all of the Christmas decadence but definitely worth a go!!

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What are your skin saving tips during the festive period??


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