What is green beauty?

green beauty

I’ve always referred to myself as trying to be a green make-up artist – hence the original blog name Louise Dartford Green Beauty 😉 But what is green beauty and is it any different to organic beauty, or clean beauty, or non-toxic beauty for example. There seems to be a lot of names out there but are they any different?

I quite often get referred to as being an organic make-up artist – true I have a HUGE passion for organic. I really do believe in the importance of it, I believe that organic food and beauty will have so many benefits such as higher nutrition levels and no pesticide residues. They’re also going to be a much better option for our environment. The Soil Association is doing an amazing job highlighting the wonders of organic beauty. By choosing brands that have been certified by them, all the hard work has been taken away from the consumer; they can trust anything with the logo. There are some fantastic brands, many of which I have in my kit.

I also have brands that have been certified by other bodies and brands that are organic and not certified – for those I have done my homework and read up well so I know they are bonafida. I also have brands that aren’t organic but are natural, wildcrafted or perhaps they’re Fairtrade. It’s definitely not as simple as organic or not organic. Especially when it comes to make-up, if you were to use just purely organic make-up then you would be really restricted. Mineral colour that is used in many greener brands can not be recognised as organic because it comes from the earth, just like water cannot be classified as organic.

When I decided to switch my kit to a greener version it was about cleaner ingredients for the consumer but also for the environment. I also like to use brands that think about their environmental impact in other ways such as ingredient sourcing, sustainability, production and packaging for example. It’s also about human rights – if I can use brands that have Fairtrade values then brilliant. Animal rights are a factor too – I’m not a vegan so I do use products with beeswax for example and some of my kit will contain carmine (I know, I know – I’m still on the fence on that one). However animal testing is a no no – I do believe in using up products though when kits are being switched; we don’t want to waste products. I do still have animal hair make-up brushes in my kit, for the same point above – I’ve had them for years and years and they’re still really good brushes. I haven’t bought an animal hair one for years though and will not, any new additions are all synthetic.

I’m doing a restock of my kit at the moment – replenishing old favourites but also trying lots of new exciting products. It’s got me re-thinking about what green beauty really does mean to me – what should be allowed in the kit and what shouldn’t. I used to worry about having products in there that weren’t the cleanest in terms of ingredients and environmental factors, as I do think these are key for green beauty. However it is also about supporting brands that are doing good in any aspect. I might have got a product in there that is artificial and has preservatives (eeek!! 😉 ) BUT they’re cruelty free, have vegan brushes – and look fab on a shoot!!! I did a talk a couple of weeks ago about natural and organic beauty and one of the main points we made was that make-up should be fun; we have enough stress in our lives, choosing lipstick should reduce it not add to it. As long as we’re all trying our best – that is what counts. My kit is looking greener than ever but there’ll be some neon pink knocking around for a while too 😉

What does green beauty mean to you?