Currently wearing Colorisi lipstick in Cerise..

I am all for bright lipstick. It can boost the complexion in seconds and brighten up any outfit. I went to a brunch last weekend for Wendy Rowe’s Eat Beautiful book and there was a Q&A with her. One of the questions was how to wear red lipstick without looking/feeling stupid. Wendy’s answer was to keep everything else simple, just gorgeous glowing skin, and then the lipstick has more chance of looking effortless. She also said you need to own the lipstick – you need to feel confident wearing it otherwise you’re never going to rock it. Wendy said that even she had days when she couldn’t wear it – good to know that even global make-up artists have less confident days. Despite the nature of our work, it is actually a fact that not all make-up artists wear lots of make-up. My style is definitely more natural although I always WANT to wear bright lips – especially when I’ve had zero sleep. Bright lips are a really easy way of disguising tired eyes. It’s true though, you need to own it. If wearing it makes you shy away and feel self conscious then there is no point at all.

Colorisi Cerise lipstick

My recent play with colour has been with this amazing Cerise from Colorisi. For research purposes but also to build my colour confidence I have been wearing it about the house. I picked my daughter up from the childminder in it, much to the surprise of both of them. My daughter then proceeded to smudge it around my face – not the reaction I was hoping for but it is true, the more you wear it, the more you do feel comfortable.

Despite toddler smudging, this lipstick has really good wearing time. The colour pay off is great, just one application gives you a great bright colour. For better longevity though, apply a couple of layers, blotting in between. The Cerise is a matter texture which is always very welcome – blot it to make it more matt. Like any matt lipstick, I would recommend prepping the lips with a good lip balm – not that the formulation is drying. The texture is really lovely and creamy and feels great on the lips, thanks to ingredients such as castor seed oil and candelilla wax – Colorisi are vegan so there is no beeswax. There is no carmine either, the colour is predominantly mineral although some have a small amount of synthetic – Cerise does.

There is definitely a place in my professional kit for this lipstick, I’d like there to be a place in my personal make-up bag too..

Who else has tried them? Do you like to wear bright lipstick?