Ayurvedic Kajal by Soultree

Soultree Ayurvedic Kajal

Liquid liner is the only thing that isn’t natural in my personal make-up bag. I have quite sensitive eyes that can water and I’ve found natural ones just don’t seem to work for me. They either don’t stay put or they crumble and then irritate. (I have heard great things about the one from Zao so I do need to try that one..) I usually use a gel liner by M&S but this week I have been trying Soul Tree’s Ayurvedic Kajal.

These go on really smoothly, in fact they literally glide on. That’ll be the organic ghee that is at the top of the ingredients list, along with other rich ingredients such as castor and sweet almond oil. The kajals are a creamy waxy consistency, and you can really work them into the base of the lashes for intensity. Despite their creaminess they do have good staying power. Mine has still been there at the end of the day, ok not perfect but still a good line along the top. My flick hasn’t lasted and the colour along the lower lashes has moved but I’ve been happy with the longevity. After saying all that I’ve switched up my skincare since starting this post and I’ve found the liner has moved a bit more – I’ve adding in a richer serum. So I would recommend using something like a mineral powder on the lid first to help it stay put a bit more. What is left at the end of the day removes really easily.

At the moment the shape is good for lining, there is still a point so you can shape the eye a bit, but I wonder how they will wear. I guess the nature of a kohl is a smudge around the eye but they might end up being more of a shadow then a liner. They’ll always be brilliant for a quick smokey eye whatever their shape, just draw all over the lid and smudge. They work really well on the inner rim of the eye.

soultree swatch

The black is really rich and dark and has a nice sheen. It’s actually a nice change to wear black, I stopped wearing it because I felt it was too harsh. However sometimes brown can make your eyes look tired and black can actually brighten the whites. The colours for the kajals are made traditionally from combining black carbon from vegetable oil lamps and mineral pigments. There are actually 12 colours to choose from. I also have Copper Tint which I’ve been using on my lower lashes and to soften the black.

They do contain honey so they are not vegan but they are free from animal testing and certified natural by BDIH.

Has anyone else tried them yet?