Clean Beauty Co workshop…

Last week I spent such a lovely afternoon with the Clean Beauty Co at one of their skincare workshops. I am very much into skincare for myself and for my kit. The importance of a good routine is paramount to good make-up; we can use the best make-up in the world but if we’re not looking after our skin, the make-up just won’t cut it.

At the beginning of the year I was asked to give my personal beauty diary for a wellbeing website, everything I mentioned was organic or natural (what else is there ;)), however there were a couple of comments saying they were disappointed that I wasn’t making my own. I have dabbled in the past and did a one day Neal’s Yard Workshop that was brilliant, however I’ve never really got into it. This is for a few reasons – one – there are so many amazing skincare brands making amazing products that I never felt I could match anything like that. Two – for my kit I need things to be stable, long lasting and to perform under lots of scenerios. Three – I guess I’ve never had the time (excuse for far too many things!!) Anyway these comments did get me thinking and after following Clean Beauty Co for a while I finally booked onto one of their workshops.

clean beauty co

It was the perfect way to spend a Saturday afternoon. There were about 9 of us at the workshop, all like minded women trying to expand our knowledge of natural skincare. Elsie and Dominika, the two women behind Clean Beauty Co were brilliant, they did a great introduction of themselves and the company and then explained the basics of making your own. We were split into three groups and then let loose to make four products. We made a body scrub, hair oil, facial spritz and an all-round moisturiser. The products were all quite simple to make, all were all oil based so no preservatives were required – apart from the spritz but we used a rose water that had already been preserved. They were simple but on using them, they have been great and really effective. The body scrub we made with coffee and coconut oil and it is fab, I really don’t think I’ll be buying a scrub again. The workshop has definitely inspired me to make my own, I would highly recommend going on one if you are interested in doing a bit of DIY beauty. Elsie and Dominika make it a lot more accessible and easier than you think it is. Oh, did I mention the delicious snacks and prosecco while the balms are setting! 🙂

clean beauty co

Have you made any of your own skincare?