Volt Cafe and Biodegradable Glitter!!


This is my new beauty story for Volt Cafe and Organic Beauty Week. All the skincare and make-up was organic or natural with organic ingredients. The glitter I used was biodegradeable, and I’ve been wanting to show it off for ages!

I’m sure anyone who has worn make-up has experimented with glitter in the past. Be it a christmas party or a 70’s disco dress up there is no doubt the impact glitter makes, but have you ever thought about what it is actually made of? Most glitters are made from PET film ie plastic. Plastic takes years and years to break down, and while glitter is a nice thing, we don’t want it hanging around longer than us. Also think about microbeads and what they’re doing to marine life – could glitter be doing the same? Glitter is a happy thing in life though and we don’t to ban it, certainly not us make-up artists. So I was so pleased to find this Bio-glitter manufactured by Ronald Britton and distributed by Glitterlution. It is derived from sustainable sources and is certified compostable. It is marine and waste water biodegradable and GM free 🙂

But how does it compare to conventional glitter? I don’t think I noticed much difference, slightly softer perhaps – sometimes glitter can be a little scratchy but this wasn’t. It comes in different sizes and a few different colours so you can be creative with it. It still got everywhere – although we love using it, it is a make-up artists nightmare! As hard as you try to confine it, it always ends up everywhere and you find it in your kit weeks later!!

bioglam2 bioglam3 bioglam4 bioglam5 bioglam6

What do you think? Has anyone else tried it yet?