Organic make-up wipes by Natracare..

I always remember one client I had, who on first meeting did not have great skin at all. I asked her what she was using, to which she replied wipes – I waited for more of an answer but nothing came, she was just using wipes. Ah, I said, skin condition explained.

Yes, wipes definitely have a place in today’s beauty world, however they are not a replacement for a proper skin care routine. At 4 o’clock in the morning if it’s a choice between no make-up removal or a wipe cleanse, the wipe cleanse wins hands down. However your regular cleanser should not be outed for a wipe. Use it if you need to remove stubborn lipstick and other heavy make-up and then do a proper cleanse with a cleanser appropriate for your skin type.

Make-up wipes are an essential part of a make-up artist’s kit, especially after a show for example, when 20 models want to take their make-up off at the same time. They are quick, easy and very convenient. However more and more models that I work with don’t want to use a wipe, they favour good old fashioned cleanser as it feels better on their skin. Many have reacted to wipes in the past, which is no wonder when you look at the ingredient lists of many wipes available on the market. They can be full of harsh synthetic chemicals that irritate skin.

Luckily some of the trusted natural brands such as Natracare are responding with wipes that are way kinder to your skin. Natracare started originally with feminine care products. Susie Hewson, the company’s founder, saw a documentary back in 1989 about the dangers to human health and the environment from Dioxin, a pollutant produced from pulping industries with the chlorine bleaching of paper products. The fact that none of the feminine hygiene companies seem bothered outraged her, and so she set about producing her own safer products.

Natracare now produce a wide range of organic and natural feminine care products – something all women definitely need to think about. I use them and I will encourage my daughter to do the same when she is older. It’s amazing how we can use such an intimate product but not actually question how it is made and with what. Most conventional sanitary towels are 90% plastic and conventional tampons can actually shed fibres while inside you, not a nice thought. It’s definitely worth taking a look at their site to learn a bit more.

Back to the wipes, Natracare have a baby range and more recently facial ones –

Natracare wipes

Their facial wipes were developed so that women could have the convenience of a wipe but without the skin concerns. The wipes are made from 100% organic cotton which is infused with skin friendly ingredients such as organic essential oils of almond, apricot and chamomile. I have these in my kit and they go down very well. They have a slight smell, nothing I can quite put my finger on, but very gentle and non-intrusive. The actual cotton is quite thick and soft, it feels nice on the face – not rough at all. They have a good amount of moisture in them and they remove make-up well. When I initially used them about a year ago on me, my skin felt a little sensitive, but more recently they have been absolutely fine for me. Sometimes if someone is sensitive around the eyes but they want to use a wipe, I’ll massage in a little bit of cleanser to soften eye make-up first to make removal even easier.

The wipes are certified organic and are suitable for vegans. The organic cotton makes them biodegradable so much better for the environment on all counts. Many conventional brands have plastic in their wipes causing a whole host of other issues besides skin irritation.

Do you use wipes in your skin regime?