Why I choose organic beauty – from the experts…

I thought instead of me telling you why I choose organic beauty, I’d do a round up of some of the amazing green experts I’ve interviewed for the blog and why they choose it..

Rose-Marie Swift – Make-up Artist and founder of RMS Beauty


What does organic mean to you?

Organic is actually a growing process that does not allow any chemical synthetics, pesticides, fungicides, insecticides or genetically engineered ingredients in the process. It means a healthier lifestyle without the nasties that can effect the immune and endocrine systems. It can be food or beauty products. It is the way we were born to synergistically survive with nature.

Why is organic beauty important?

Well the choice is either synthetic chemicals, synthetic preservatives, mineral oils, genetically modified ingredients… or pure, organic, natural and healthy. I would choose the healthy alternative… why wouldn’t you.

Tanya Hawkes – founder of Therapi Honey Skincare

Therapi Tanya Hawkes

What does organic mean to you?

Organic is central to our philosophy of beauty as wellness and is the link between our two passions: exceptionally pure skincare and a love of nature.

In many ways, the ecology of the human body is a microcosm of the natural ecosystems that we are a part of, and it is through supporting these two holistically that we achieve wellness.
With organic you are getting the very best and cleanest ingredients, whilst promoting a sustainable system that not only benefits us but is making the world more beautiful and resilient in the process – as beekeepers, we love the fact that organic farms don’t allow toxic pesticides and are wonderfully biodiverse, supporting 50% more wildlife!

Why is organic beauty important?

 Our skin is our largest organ and our interface with the external world – much of what we put onto our bodies penetrates the skin and accumulates in our tissues where it can be absorbed into the bloodstream. By choosing organic beauty, you are not only choosing products that are free from all the nasties, but you are also choosing products that are full of nutrient-rich ingredients – in fact organic ingredients contain up to 70% more anti-oxidants than their non-organic counterparts!

However, it is important for organic products to be certified as unlike food, there is very little regulation in the beauty industry and companies can claim their products are organic when they may contain less than 1% of organic ingredients.

We work with the Soil Association for our organic certification as their logo is a guarantee that products meet the highest standards of quality, purity and transparency throughout the entire soil to skin chain. All aspects of production come under the certification process – from the farming techniques used to the environmental footprint of the packaging.

Soil Association certification also guarantees that ingredients are free from GM ingredients, nano-particles and have been grown without the use of toxic agrochemicals. Animal testing is prohibited and wild harvesting must be sustainable. Finally, all labeling must be clear, honest and include English in the INCI ingredient listing, so it really is the gold standard in organic beauty and we are incredibly proud to have it!

Abi Weeds – founder of Odylique

Abi Weeds Odylique

What does organic mean to you?

I was brought up with a pretty ‘organic’, sustainable philosophy – from minimising waste at home, avoiding food laden with the popular 1980s-style artificial flavours & colours (I had multiple allergies as  a child) to not spraying the garden with weedkiller!

Specifically, when I was about six, my Mum (Margaret) began a course in herbal medicine, where she learned the molecular makeup and interactive synergy of herbs, laying the foundations for our formulations now!

I had fairly severe eczema which was a catalyst for her putting the newly gleaned knowledge of natural remedies to work.

I have a clear memory of Mum ‘brewing’ lotions and other concoctions in the kitchen, with ingredients I thought odd (they certainly had an ‘unusual’ smell), but they worked to soothe the itching and discomfort I had.

Fast forward 15 years and I was living in the U.S. and my action packed lifestyle, coupled with a lapse in using good skincare saw my allergies flare again.

During this time Margaret had developed quite a range of skin care and nothing other than her all-natural formulations ‘agreed’ with me or worked, so my interest was re-kindled.

The research I then did into organic (farming / processes / ideology) before setting up our business was illuminating. Trying to follow an organic lifestyle is the ‘only’ way that I see we can keep the planet on a sustainable course.

So I guess, for me, Organic is the way to enjoy skin care, beauty and even food, without feeling like the price my body, or the environment are paying is too high.

Why is organic beauty important?

My experiences when I was younger, and also now as a parent myself have taught me that you can’t take your skincare choice lightly. Our skin is too big an organ for that – it’s the first line of defence against internal injury and it’s the first thing we see that reflects our state of health.

The synthetic chemicals in many skincare preparations soak into the skin and, as the body cannot recognise and process these ‘foreign’ substances, they often accumulate in the tissues with the potential over time to cause an allergic skin reaction (such as contact dermatitis or eczema) and / or disrupt other systems in the body.

This to me means, choosing certified organic body care is as important in decreasing the toxic load on the body as choosing a healthy (and organic!) diet.

Above all, modern organic beauty products work. There is increasing scientific evidence to support this. Organically grown plants are hardier and have a higher antioxidant vitamin content that helps combat premature ageing in a just as powerful (and arguably healthier way) than synthetic molecules.

It also goes without saying that using organic products helps to support the sustainability of our environment. It is widely acknowledged that organic farming is better for wildlife, causes lower pollution from sprays, and produces less carbon dioxide and less dangerous wastes.

Margo Marrone – founder of The Organic Pharmacy

Margo Marrone

What does organic mean to you?

For food, organic means that it is grown and produced through organic standards which includes animal welfare. For cosmetics, it means using organic plant oils, waxes and essential oils instead of synthetic versions, and of course making sure at least 95% of the formula is organic and the remaining ingredients are non toxic and natural. 

Why is organic beauty important?

I discovered over 25 years ago that certain chemicals that go into cosmetics can be harmful to our health. Some have an oestrogenic activity and others have a carcinogenic activity, and they can be absorbed straight into our blood stream. This also includes pesticides from non-organic plant oils, herbs and essential oils and since I believe that pesticides are poisons, I don’t think they have any place in our food or our cosmetics. When you think that we use at least 20-40 products a day – the cleaner they are the better. But also I find that organic beauty gives the skin incredible health.

Purely Green Beauty – Make-up Artist and Ayurvedic Beauty Practitioner 

Purely Green Beauty

What does organic mean to you?

Organic to me means ‘as it should be’ ‘as nature intended’, in harmony, simple, raw, kinder, gentler, more nourishing, more ethical. 

Why is organic beauty important?

For me organic beauty is important because the skin is an organ, it absorbs whatever you subject it to, the good and the bad. What we put on our skin regularly can either help or hinder us even on a low level. 
Nature gave us everything we need. The main reason to add chemicals and so many processes to products is to prolong shelf life and increase profit usually at the expense of the customer and the environment. 
From an anti ageing perspective I think an organic beauty approach is the best way to slow the ageing process and to nourish and heal our bodies with out causing other issues or adding further toxins.
Kirsten Kjaer Weis
What does organic mean to you?

To me, organic means as pure and as close to nature as possible.

Why is organic beauty important?

Organic beauty is important because it is the purest, most untouched product that you will find. Organic makeup as well as being beautifying has the same quality ingredients that you find in natural skincare.

Lots of amazing reasons to choose organic beauty. Why do you choose it?