Vapour Organic Beauty – definitely one of my favourites!

I get asked all the time by clients and other make-up artists what my favourite green brands are, Vapour is always on the list. They were definitely one of the game changers for my kit – I remember when Imelda at Content Beauty started to stock them, it was sooo exciting. Their Atmosphere Soft Focus Foundation became a key product in my kit and still is, years later.

Founded in 2008, Vapour’s eco credentials are second to none. In terms of the environment they are as green as they come – wind and solar power are used in their lab, warehouse and offices, all of which are under one roof, reducing their carbon footprint further. All office, packing and shipping materials are recycled. The stick packaging of the products reduces waste on many fronts and the outer packaging is made in a wind powered plant using post-consumer paper waste and vegetable ink.

In terms of ingredients there are no parabens, phalates, petrochemicals, nanoparticles, preservatives, GMO, dyes, fragrance, sulfates, glycols, irradiated or animal-tested ingredients. All products are 100% natural with at least 70% organic, the rest is mineral pigments and essential oils. All products are waterless, this means no harsh preservatives are needed, it also means the products are highly concentrated in plant oils, plant waxes and beeswax which all nourish skin. There are no powder products. Vapour suspend mineral pigment in these amazingly moisturising botanical bases; packed full of antioxidants they are like an extension of your skincare. This creates their signature ‘Lit From Within Glow’, a luminous, natural healthy radiance.

The Atmosphere Soft Focus Foundation was the first thing I tried and it was a game changer. Organic foundations in the past had always been thick and/or quite chalky, but the texture of this new one was so different. It felt like a ‘conventional’ one, but of course there were no silicones, just lots of good plant oils and nutrition. The Soft Focus Foundation is designed for normal, sensitive and combination skins, it contains camellia seed, sunflower seed and castor seed oil. I know some oilier skins are wary of using products made with oils, but these are all plant oils so can actually help balance your skin. There is a lot of confusion with oil, make-up made with mineral oils is not good for your skin, it can clog pores and cause breakouts and irritation. Despite the name, mineral oil is not a natural skin friendly ingredient. It does indeed come from the earth, but it is a highly processed by product of the oil industry, a petrochemical.


The texture is very silk like, rich and luminous, and it blends beautifully into the skin. All Vapour products are designed to applied with fingers. I gently press the foundation into the skin, working it in that way rather than rubbing. Don’t apply too much product at once, build it slowly using fine layers – it will look better and last longer, you can get a nice medium coverage this way. Once on it feels quite velvety. If it is looking too shiny then you need to work it more into the skin. Vapour don’t believe in powder products, however a little dusting of something over the top is fine if you want it. (RMS or W3LL PEOPLE great for this).

There are 12 colours ranging from very fair to reasonably dark. They can tend to be a little pink although there are definitely some with more yellow in them – I’ll sometimes mix a yellower concealer into it if I need to change the colour slightly. I think sometimes mica can affect the darker colours so that is something to be aware of when choosing colours, especially if working with flash photography. It is also something that will make skin look lovely and luminous so experiment with mixing to get your desired finish – I’ll mix different foundation types to get different looks.

The Atmosphere Luminous Foundation is designed for drier skin types. It comes in a stick form and contains beeswax. The Skin Perfecting Primers are amazing too. They come in the same format as the foundations – the Stratus Soft Focus is a liquid pump designed for normal, sensitive and combination skins, and the Stratus Luminous is a creamy stick for those with a drier skin. Use these on their own to brighten skin, smooth texture and diffuse lines but also under your foundation to help it last and go on better.

I also have the concealers in my kit, these are great too. They do contain mica so have a slight sheen therefore not my go-to for covering a blemish, but brilliant for brightening the complexion. Great under the eyes and also as a gentle highlight.

Other favourites of mine from the range include the eyeliner pencils. These are so soft and just glide onto the eye. Despite their softness they have good staying power. I also love their multi-use colour sticks, anyone who has read this blog before should know I’m a sucker for a cream blusher.

Vapour Mesmarize Eyeliners

The Solar Translucent Bronzer in Spicy is a staple in my kit. It looks quite dark but it suits most skin tones as the colour is not too dense and can be blended well. I love it because it has no shimmer so you can contour with it and also use it to warm skin tones up, including men.


The newest addition to my kit/personal make-up bag is a couple of the new Artist Palettes. These are sooo nice. On the left is Flame Multi-Use and on the right Murmur Eye Palette. The colours are very gentle, nothing full on – they enhance without taking over. They will create very soft washes of colour, lovely for a natural glowy look.

Vapour Artist Palettes

Have you tried Vapour? What are your favourite products from the range?