Pai’s Rosehip BioRegenerate Rapid Radiance Mask..

Pai BoiRegenerate Mask

Every skin can benefit from using a regular mask. Some people like to make it part of a relaxing ritual and take some time out. I’m more of a multi-tasker – I tend to do one while I’m cleaning the bathroom or I like to sit with one on while I’m on the laptop. I’m currently sitting here with Pai’s Rosehip BioRegenerate Rapid Radiance Mask which I have become a fan of.

It claims to restore radiance to dull skin, add intense hydration, calm redness and soothe sensitivity all in under 10 minutes.

One of the main ingredients is Pai’s hero ingredient across the range, Rosehip Oil. This really is a fantastic oil and has a huge fan base across the natural world. It is amazing for skin repair and restoration thanks to its high antioxidant content. It is full of Vitamins E and A so will nourish and regenerate. It is also contains essential fatty acids which are essential for skin health.

The other active ingredient is Strawberry Leaf which helps to illuminate, smooth and firm skin.

So does it work?

The mask feels really rich and smooth to the touch, and glides onto skin. It is a lovely yellow colour, making it even more buttery and luxuriant.

It feels really comfortable on the skin, there is no tingling or warmth created. I did feel a tiny little something when I put some excess on my chest – remember our face starts at our nipples ;). It wasn’t uncomfortable though and didn’t bother me. The mask doesn’t dry so it won’t feel tight. The whole of the Pai range was made with sensitive skin in mind so anyone should be able use it without irritation. There is a very slight fragrance but nothing I could put my finger on, so just a combination of all the ingredients.

Leave it on for ten minutes and the removal is easy – use the muslin cloth provided to gently wash away. My skin can tend to look red after using this, so to be gentle with the muslin. The redness does disappear though and my skin looks better for sure, it feels smoother, brighter and more hydrated. My complexion is definitely clearer and more radiant after using this mask. I would recommend it especially for sensitive types but also anyone that needs a little skin boost. Use it once or twice a week as general maintenance or before – or after a night out.

Use the Kukui & Jojoba Bead Skin Brightening Exfoliator beforehand to get rid of dead skin, allowing the mask to really get to work. The exfoliator has a gorgeous orange smell and feels great on the skin. It uses smooth jojoba wax beads in a really rich gel to gently exfoliate, so there is no scratching or harshness. It leaves skin smoother and gently hydrated, again perfect for sensitive skin.

The mask is Soil Association certified with 75% of the product being organic and it is vegan.

This would also be great in my kit – looking after your skin is the first thing before make-up. Cosmetic products will sit better for longer.

Has anyone else tried it? When do you like to do your face masks?