Change just one thing – maybe your body lotion?

A few Organic Septembers ago the Soil Association’s campaign was encouraging people to change just one thing to organic. Changing one thing at a time makes the whole thing less daunting and affordable.

I’ve always said that when switching your beauty regime to a cleaner one, changing your body lotion is such a great place to start. Your body lotion is the one product that gets used everywhere so it makes sense to change this first. It is also one of the easiest to switch; there are so many amazing lotions and creams out there, you won’t miss your old ‘conventional’ one at all.

Now when I say all this, I’m assuming that you use a body lotion! You might not. Quite often in winter, I forget that my skin covers my body as well as my face, and therefore it doesn’t get a drop of moisture. That is until said skin suddenly is exposed for some reason. However for the last couple of years my body skin routine has been terrible ALL year round. Silly really because all of our skin where ever it is needs a little TLC, especially as it gets older.

Recently after some kind of allergic reaction, I was covered in hives EVERYWHERE, so I smothered myself in coconut oil quite regularly to help heal and soothe. My un-hived skin was a lot softer – previously coconut oil on its own hasn’t been enough hydration for me, however I think this time just some kind of hydration has made a difference!

I think coconut oil definitely has its place within a skin routine, however for me it needs to blended in with something else to make a substantial long term body moisturiser. Now I’m back on the body moisturising, I’ve been trying some new products…

I’ve just finished Herbfarmacy’s Enriching Body Oil, which was lovely. The first time I used it I managed to spill a fair amount of it over my desk, obviously not wanting to waste any I slapped it everywhere. I thought it would be way too much but my skin literally drank it up. It didn’t leave skin sticky like some oils can. It is a lovely rich blend of oils such as Evening Primrose, Hempseed and Apricot mixed with Calendula and Marshmallow to deeply nourish. Packed full of Vitamin E, it really is a treat and skin will feel instantly hydrated. Essential oils of Ylang Ylang, Lavender and Sweet Orange have been added to help relax and unwind. It smells lovely but not over powering.

My skin loved it, my only qualm is that the bottle isn’t that big so I went through it quite quickly – spillage aside. Herbfarmacy grow all of their own herbs so you know exactly where the ingredients have come from. This particular product is 99% organic and is Soil Association certified, it is also vegan.


I’m currently using Voya’s Angelicus Serratus Nourishing Body Oil which is also lovely, it sinks into the skin quickly and leaves no greasy residue. This is the first product I’ve tried from Voya; Seaweed is the hero ingredient of the range and is quite a gem when it comes to skincare. “Seawater and blood plasma share an almost identical chemical composition. Seaweed filters the ocean for nourishment making it the perfect solution to replenish the body’s minerals”. It is packed full of antioxidants and minerals so can nourish, soothe and protect skin.

Seaweed extract is used in the body oil to improve suppleness and elasticity as well as purifying tired skin (just what I need!). It also contains Sunflower Seed Oil which is rich in Vitamin E, and Rosehip Seed and Evening Primrose Oil to anti-age and nourish. It’s definitely made me want to try more of the range. This oil is 99.96% organic and Soil Association certified and vegan too. It is more expensive that the Herbfarmacy oil but is twice the size.


Even just a week of regular moisturising made my skin and me as a whole feel much better. I’ve always suffered from Keratosis (or chicken skin as it is sometimes known!), which I go through phases of letting it bother me or just choosing to ignore it. My daughter has it and I read that wheat can affect it, so I started experimenting with my diet to see if it makes a difference. I’m not sure it did, however just general skincare made it tonnes better.

I’ve also rediscovered my body brush – wow how could I have forgotten the difference that makes??

What do you use to moisturise your body? How do you look after your skin?


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