Vapour Mesmarize Eyeliner…

Recently I’ve been wearing an eye pencil instead of a liquid liner and it has been a really nice change. Quite a subtle change granted, but good. I tell people to change their make-up all the time, however mine doesn’t have many variants. A dark brown gel liner gets whacked on before a little person tries to steal the brush; sometimes it’s thick, sometimes it’s thin – there’s the variety.

Switching in an eye pencil might not seem like a massive shake up but it’s been good! The said eye pencil is Vapour’s Mesmerize Eyeliner in Truffle, and it’s lovely. The colour is a soft taupey brown so gives good definition, but it is not harsh around the eye. It contains mica so has a subtle sheen, which helps to brighten the eye too. The liner I usually wear is matt, which I tend to prefer for liners, but it has been nice to have a slight shimmer and it has lifted my eyes. The liner is soft and has a smudger on the end so you can have a really soft line, or you can leave it bolder. I’ve been wearing it bolder on top, then smudging underneath.

Vapour Mesmarize Eyeliners

In terms of longevity it is never going to be the same as a gel liner, however it has lasted a good time on me. Pencils will move a little due to their ingredients, for example coconut oil and sunflower seed oil are at the top of Vapour’s ingredient list. You want these kind of ingredients in a pencil, as that’s what makes them soft and glide on without pulling eyes. However it can make them less hard wearing on the skin. Smudging them in and building fine layers can make them last longer. Applying powder eyeshadow over the top can help with longevity, especially coming into warmer months.

Pencils are also great to draw all over the lid and then smudge for an instant smokey eye. You can leave it like that, it will crease but I don’t mind that, or you can set it with an eyeshadow over the top.

Vapour’s eyeliner may be new to my eye but it is not new to my kit. The black (Ink) one has been a staple in there for many years now. I use it for a smokey eye, in the inner rims and I’ve used it as a black lipstick many times. I also have a purple one called Viper although it isn’t on their site so possibly discontinued which is a shame.

I mentioned the ingredients briefly before, but they are 70% organic and really gentle on the eyes. They do contain beeswax but they are carmine free.

Is anyone else a fan?