Living Nature New Red Lipsticks..

Brightly coloured natural lipstick has always been notoriously hard to do. Pearlised neutral pinks and browns were the norm until luckily a few years ago, things started to change. Brands realised that just because people were into make-up with natural ingredients, it didn’t mean they only wanted natural colours. So gradually as green technology is improving, the colour spectrum is opening up to green beauties. It is still hard to create bright reds for example though, if just using minerals and plant-based ingredients. Some brands will include an element of synthetic colourants or carmine, which although a natural ingredient, isn’t to everyone’s taste or beliefs, to get those brighter shades.

Living Nature however have just launched two new red lipsticks which are 100% natural and carmine free. They are achieving their red by a very interesting process. Extracts are taken from the Melia Azadirachta and Coccinia Indica plants and then buried underground in earthenware containers. Natural heat causes a process by which a red mineral oxide is produced – clever! Not only is a bio-active colourant produced but the extracts from both plants provide softness and protection to skin, and help the wear of the lipsticks by offering smudge and water resistant properties. These smart ingredients are then combined with other lovely ones such as organic coconut oil, beeswax and carnauba wax, to help nourish lips and stop them from drying out. The lipsticks are COSMOS certified organic.

Brilliant credentials, but are they any good?

There are two shades. Wild Fire is a bright orange red (on the right) and Pure Passion is a richer, deeper red with a bluer undertone.

living nature swatch

Once on the lips, the colours become truer and more vibrant. You can layer them and build the intensity too. They are described as semi- matt, but they do have a bit of sheen although the Pure Passion less so.

Living Nature

I love the colour of the Wild Fire (top lips) but for me personally, the Pure Passion is better suited to my complexion which has a lot of red in it, despite a very yellow undertone for the rest of me!

Thanks to the moisturising oils, they go on smoothly and feel really nice on the lips. I applied straight from the bullet but then sharpened my edges with a brush. They are also nice blotted and worn as a stain, which does give them a little more staying power. In terms of staying power they’re not bad. Layer and blot a few times to help extend wearing time.

They are available from Botanical Brands in the UK.

Has anyone else tried them yet?


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