Product of the month – Alima Pure Precision Angle Brush


Alima Pure Precision AngleMarch’s product of the month is Alima Pure’s Precision Angle Brush. It is one of the few brushes that I use personally on a day-to-day basis, and I couldn’t be without it. I didn’t realise how reliant my make-up was on it, until a certain little person decided to steal and hide it. It is responsible for my eyebrows and my eyeliner, two things I can’t leave the house without! Of course I have lots of other brushes but I like this one a lot.

First I use it for my brows, the slanted shape makes it perfect for shaping them the right way. I use the angled edge to strengthen my arch and then fill the rest of them in. My brows are quite fair so need a lot of help. I see people doing their brows with more of a rounded brush but I find you can often end up with more of a rounded brow. When choosing what brush to use for things, think about what you are trying to create. If you want to create more of an angled, straighter shape then use an angled straight brush.

Next I use it for my eyeliner. This type of brush is perfect for liner. You can use it to draw your liner on with one fluid movement, or you can use it to ‘push’ your liner on in shorter little dabs – great if you haven’t got a steady hand. Use the brush to really get into your lashline which will add depth to your eyes and your lashes. I use this shaped brush a lot in my professional kit too.

The brush is made from Taklon synthetic bristles so vegan and cruelty free. My one actually has a wooden handle but the rest is the same.

What is your can’t live without brush?