Lippy Girl nude lipsticks..

There is a lot to be said for a bright lipstick. Colour on your lips can make a huge difference to your complexion. It can brighten and disguise things like dark circles and tired eyes. A bright colour can transform any outfit too.

However a bright lip isn’t for everyone. Not everyone feels comfortable wearing a bold colour and those that do might not want to all of the time. A slick of nude on the other hand is always easy to wear and a great option for everyone, it’s also low maintenance. Just be wary when choosing your tone. While adding colour can brighten a face, it works the other way too; by taking the colour of our lips away we can drain the face. This can leave us looking tired or washed out. Choose nudes with a hint of colour to make sure you don’t dull your face, and be aware of anything too pale or brown as these can be harder to wear.

I’ve found two really nice nudes recently, both from Canadian brand Lippy Girl. (Available in the UK from Botanical Brands). These lipsticks are made with organic and wildcrafted natural oils and waxes, and only natural mineral pigment. They are 100% vegan and also gluten free.

Lippy Girl

On the left is Ski Bunny, which is more on the pink side and an almost pastel feel to it. Surf Betty on the right is more of your typical beige nude.

Lippy Girl

I’m not used to wearing nudes but I liked them both on me – it did take a bit of getting used to though as they are both quite light in colour. I would definitely need to wear blusher with both of them otherwise I would look washed out.

The texture of the lipsticks is lovely, very smooth and creamy. It feels like a treat on the lips too, they feel well nourished. The pigment is good, I applied them both straight from the bullet and got good colour quickly. There is no shimmer which makes me happy and they are not too shiny either, just a great moisturising lipstick.

What are your favourite nude lipstick shades?


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