New Weleda products…

I had the very hard task one sunny afternoon in July, of eating almond cakes while learning about the new Weleda products, set to join the already well established almond family…

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Born in 1921 in Switzerland, Weleda are one of the leading natural health and beauty brands sold across the globe. They are still owned by their original founders, and adhere to the strong values that were just as important back then as they are now. Weleda are certified 100% natural, with most ingredients being organic or biodynamic (one step up from organic). They also pride themselves on their sustainability both in terms of the environment, due to things like their ingredients and packaging, but also for their customer – the Weleda price point is surprisingly consumer friendly for a truly natural brand.

Weleda grow many of their ingredients themselves in their sites across the globe. For example, the UK’s biodynamic herb gardens up in Derbyshire – if you ever get the chance to visit, please do, I had a delightful trip a couple of years back. What they can’t grow, they source from many countries but always supporting fairtrade partnerships.

Weleda actually make thousands of products, from individual homeopathic remedies to toothpaste to nappy cream (the white mallow range is amazing not just for babies but for anyone with eczema prone skin). However the newest additions are an extension of the almond range. The facial products have been around a while and are designed for anyone with sensitivity – not your eczema type – but general sensitivity perhaps caused by stress, environment or even other products. This type of sensitivity is on the rise, irrespective of age, gender or ethnicity, according to Weleda. The range is also great for sensitive pregnant skin and temperamental teenage skin.

Almond was chosen for this range because it perfectly represents healthy skin – a protective shell containing a rich, nourishing oil inside. Almond oil is packed full of unsaturated fatty acids and Vitamin E. It calms and heals skin while protecting and feeding too. It is also very compatible with the make-up of our skin so good for all skin types and won’t aggravate any irritation. The oil that Weleda use is sourced from Spain, it is organic and cold-pressed meaning all the goodness is kept intact.

The range is also brilliant for anyone switching from a ‘conventional’ product routine to a natural one. The almond is gentle, nurturing and allows the skin to detox itself of any harsh or non-desirable ingredients lingering from past products. It is also great as a rest in between other products, letting the skin breathe.

The success of the facial range has led to an extension into body products. September sees the launch of a body wash, body lotion and a hand cream. I have been using all three and they have been great. The body lotion is lightweight in texture, quite fluid in fact, it disappears into the skin really quickly. There is no stickiness, you can get dressed straight away. Skin is left nice, soft and fed it seems, with a gentle sheen – my skin is liking it a lot. It might not be enough for a very dry skin though. The handcream is gorgeous and my favourite of the three. There is no greasiness at all so you can get on with things straight away, rather than waiting for it to sink in. There is a scent but it is light and subtle, a bit like marzipan to start but then it softens. The body wash is also light and gentle, it’s a creamy formulation that doesn’t foam, just a slight lather. The cleansing agents in Weleda’s body washes are made from sugar and coconut, they are completely biodegradable and will not damage the environment and aquatic life when washed away. An important point that is quite often overlooked when choosing a body wash.

EN RGB Hand Cream Almond Aluminium Tube

I think it is a really lovely range. Just very simple and gentle, it won’t interfere with anything else that you use. You don’t have to have sensitivity to enjoy it either.

The new products will be available in September. Anyone planning to give them a go?