One Love Organics Skin Savior Beauty Balm..



I am currently using this as my make-up remover and I love it. I use it to take my eye make-up off first – it literally lifts it away so no tugging on the delicate eye area. Then I massage it into the rest of my face to dissolve face make-up and daily grime. I use damp cotton pads to remove product from my eyes and then a muslin cloth or flannel to cleanse my face – the cotton pads save my cloths getting black every night from mascara and liner.

My skin is left feeling clean but nourished, there is no tightness at all. A little residue of the balm on my skin is welcome – a couple of nights I have just left my skin after cleansing and it’s felt fine in the morning. I have used the balm as a rich moisturising treatment – I put a thick layer on clean skin before a long drive. Four hours later, my skin had drunk it in completely and it felt plump and hydrated.

Cold pressed plant oils such as organic virgin coconut oil, sweet soy seed oil and jojoba seed oil make up this waterless balm – waterless means no need for a synthetic preservative. As well as beeswax, chia, mango butter, citrus and vanilla extract – it smells divine!! The rich, buttery texture is packed full of antioxidants so it is a real treat for skin, however you use it.

I actually bought it a while back to experiment with mixing mineral powders into it to create custom foundations. It mixes remarkably well with the W3LL PEOPLE powders, making them even more versatile.. I stumbled back across it a couple of weeks ago – I can’t believe I let it sit there unused for so long!

One Love Organics

Has anyone else tried it? What other balms do you like to use?