Beat the shine….

Whether you’re home or abroad, it can be hard to keep skin looking fresh in the heat. Healthy skin is not naturally matt so a glow is good, but it can be a fine line between a glow and excess shine; especially if you’re attending summer events where there is flash photography. What looks like a nice sheen to the naked eye can look like sweat in a photograph. Powder is not always the best answer though, applying more and more throughout the day can end up looking cakey and clogging skin, not a good look either. Oil blotters are a staple in my kit, I’m always using them on jobs. Muji ones are my favourite, they remove excess oil and freshen skin up instantly without removing or adding make-up – they’re perfect for men to use too.. They’re also great value at £1.95 for 100 sheets, some of the more expensive ones feel quite plastic like, and I find they can remove make-up. They’re one of my top tips for summer as seen in Natural Health this month….

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Anyone else a fan of oil blotters – got any favourites?