Odylique Coconut Candy Scrub


If, like me, you have forgotten that your whole body is covered in skin – as opposed to just face and hands – it is probably crying out for some TLC. The hot weather unfortunately reveals neglected skin as we need to strip down in a bid to keep cool. I used to be quite good with my body care, I dry brushed every morning, creamed every day and did a scrub on a kind of regular basis. Now my shower routine is as quick as possible – functional – I literally wash and go. Oh how my skin is suffering though – dehydrated, dull and rough is an accurate description. As a make-up artist on a job, any skin on show is my responsibility so I really should know better..


I love trying new products but I also love rediscovering old favourites. Odylique’s Coconut Candy Scrub was my favourite from last year so you can imagine my joy when I found some hiding at the bottom of a basket. My skin looked and felt better after just one use – I used it on dry skin before my shower but you can also use it on damp skin in the shower for a gentler scrub. Fairtrade sugar helps to smooth and renew skin thanks to it being rich in glycolic acid, and organic virgin coconut oil helps to nourish, (anything high in good quality coconut oil is going to benefit us right??). There is also organic cocoa bean butter to hydrate and poppy seeds to exfoliate further. It smells delicious so is lovely to use, it is also easy to use – the bath will need a rinse afterwards but not a problem.

After drying my skin, it feels smoother and hydrated. I can even skip moisturiser should I want to, so it doesn’t actually add that much more onto my routine. The benefits far out weigh any excuse of no time!!

It is also amazing on feet, use it to smooth dry heels and keep them presentable for flip flops!!