Anti-ageing make-up tips..

Everyone is looking for the anti-ageing answer it seems – I include myself in that I must say. Green juices, fancy serums, yoga, the list can go on and on. Much of it is a healthy lifestyle that we can all adopt to some degree; however there are things we can do for an instant youthful effect and no, I’m not talking botox..

The right make-up can lift and brighten any face within seconds. Natural Health magazine asked for some of my top anti-ageing make-up tips for their ‘Reset Your Beauty Clock’ feature in the June issue. Here they are –


Here are a couple more that I think are worth a read!

Anything too shimmery can draw attention to finelines and wrinkles so it is best to avoid them on the eyes, although a tiny pop in the middle of the lid can help to brighten. Choose shadows with a slight sheen, healthy skin isn’t completely matt so using a matt shadow can be quite dulling. This also applies when choosing a blusher.

Cream blushers are brilliant for drier complexions, they will help add a youthful glow.


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