Get the look – Love Want Magazine

This was a great shoot to work on. I love working with the photographer Valerie Phillips, Valerie likes the girls she shoots to look super cool, she hates lots of foundation but loves colour. 1

For the skin I kept it simple and did most of the work with skincare as opposed to make-up. Valerie likes the skin to be quite raw, she would rather a blemish than a heavy base. I used Aveda’s Tinted Moisturiser to even our model’s skin out where it needed it and just a little concealer but blended really well.

On seeing the clothes for the shoot I suggested pink for the eyes, but a bright hot pink to make a statement. I first used Ilia’s Neon Angel as a base on the eyelid and then set it with a neon pink powder shadow from Kryolan – not natural I know but unfortunately I’ve yet to come across a neon organic shade – please let me know if anyone has!! By using a cream under a powder it makes it more vivid, Neon Angel was perfect for this. We did a few shots with just the pink and then I added the glitter to change it up. Everyone likes a bit of glitter now and then! On the lips I used a clear balm.

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