Where did September go??

September seems to have been a bit of a whirlwind, it’s been and gone so quickly. It seems only yesterday that we were starting the Organic September campaign. I hope that everyone has been able to switch or try at least one organic product, whether it be the milk in your tea or your face cream. Just changing one thing can really make a difference if we all do it collectively.

My favourite organic discovery has been the Ultra Radiance Age Defying Serum by Beyond Organic Skincare. This little pot of magic has made a real difference to my skin, I can definitely see it on the mornings after I have used it. It is full of vitamins and essential fatty acids in a highly concentrated thick gel like formulation so you need a very small amount of product. I was using it every night but was getting through it quite quickly, even though I was using it as directed. I think it would last about a month if you used it every night, so it could become quite an expensive habit at £65 a pot. That said if you’ve got the funds then I would highly recommend it. I’ve switched to using it on the nights when I know I need some extra help. It saw me through the early mornings and long days of Fashion Week, and it has helped my jetlagged skin after a hard but amazing trip to Bangladesh. I’ve still got a little bit left so will use it for a weekly treatment or maybe twice a week…

Age Defying Serum

Another thing I loved in Organic September was being asked by Pai skincare why I chose organics.

photo (31)

I then gave the girls from the Pai team an organic make-up lesson at Content which was great fun. You can read about it on their blog here if you would like to..

I was also very chuffed to be one of Greenhouse PR’s Eco Heroes – here is a snippet –

photo (25)

or read the full piece here.

So Organic September may have come to an end, but looking forward to hopefully a just as good October discovering lots more exciting things.