Organic September starts here..

The Soil Association have launched their month long Small Changes, Big Difference campaign to highlight and promote the importance of choosing organic. If every household switched just one of their regular food or beauty products to an organic one, think of the difference it would make. According to Rob Sexton, Chief Executive of Soil Association Certification –

“If everyone makes a small change like switching to organic milk or choosing an organic moisturiser we can make a huge difference to our planet.  Organic farms support 50% more wildlife, with 30% more species -that’s more birds, bees, butterflies, beetles, bats and wildflowers. A small change can make a surprisingly large difference – the average family eats enough bread in a year that if just 12 families make the small change to swap their bread to organic, an area of organic land a quarter of the size of the Wembley Stadium football pitch would be a haven for wildlife.

 “A small change will also make a big difference to the lives of farm animals. No other system of farming has higher animal welfare standards. Organic is free-range and encourages the animals’ natural behaviour. If twenty families switched to organic milk, another cow will be free to range on clover rich organic pastures; if two families switched to organic bacon, one more pig will keep its curly tail and stay with its mother for much longer; and if one family switched to organic eggs, a hen would have access to grassland and not be at risk of painful beak trimming”

A BIG difference. It’s amazing the power of switching just one product. If you already buy a lot of organic then brilliant, anymore you can switch??

How about your skincare or your make-up? These products are often the last to be changed as perhaps people don’t realise the importance of what we put on our bodies as well as what we put in them. If you are conscious of your health and eat well, thinking about what you put on your body is the next step. This Organic September why not explore the ever growing market of organic beauty, there really are some amazing products out there.