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Get the look – Beijing Opera inspired

I’ve been working on my website and sorting through images, old and new. This shoot was actually done last year but it hasn’t featured on the blog, so I thought I would share a couple of the shots with you and tell you about the products I used.

Six-asia-beauty 01 RGB copy

The theme was Beijing Opera hence the red colour and strong lines.

For the first look I used a black eyeliner from Vapour Organic Beauty all over the lips to add intensity. Then I went over the black with an OCC Lip Tar in Vintage. Using a black underneath gives depth to the lips and is just a great way to darken any colours you have. Be sure to draw your shape carefully and blend well. A little cotton bud with remover on it is a great way to clean up any edges as is a small brush and concealer.

Under the eyes I used a Jane Iredale lip liner in Crimson. In the inner corners and inner socket line, I used an Elysambre lipstick in Garnet red (can’t get anymore – ahhh!) to get the bold red and then went over it with an OCC pure pigment in rust to set it. Using bright cream colours underneath powder eyeshadows or pigments really helps to give strength to the look. Just because a product is sold for use on the lips, it doesn’t mean you can’t use it anywhere else. Start to think of products as multi-functional and you’ll get much more use out of them. In the brows I used the Vapour pencil again in short sharp strokes.

For the second look I used the Elysambre red lipstick again in Garnet but with some red OCC glitter over the top. For the sharp liner I used a black liquid one by Bella Pierre eyeliner, it comes in a little ink well with an applicator that is great for drawing lines. I also really like the one from Terre d’Oc for application – it has a nice fluidity but let it dry before you open eyes.

Here are some of my face charts that I did for the shoot. When there are a few looks to do, I quite often plan them out beforehand to help the day go more smoothly.

photo (14)

Photographer – Matthew Shave

Model – Jemma Baines @ Next

Hair – Heath Massi