New brushes!

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I discovered these brushes at IMATS, the make-up trade fair, back in June. I ended up buying quite a few as I couldn’t narrow my choice down!

Bdellium (pronounced del-ee-uhm, -yuhm, the ‘b’ is silent), is from California and offers a few different ranges of brushes. These particular ones are from their Green Bambu range aka the eco-friendly one. The handles are made from bamboo which, due to its rapid regrowth cycle, is famed as a sustainable resource. The bristles are synthetic making the range vegan and cruelty free. (Some of the other ranges from Bdellium have an anti-bacterial coating but the Green Bambu range does not. Good, not sure I fancy that on my brushes.)

There are 42 different brushes, now you see why choosing was hard?! The choice is unbelievably good, many of them reminded me of some non-synthetic old favourites already in my kit, which is great to replace them when needed in the future. The bristles feel great, they are really soft so amazing on the skin. They are available in the UK from Love Make-up and are good value with prices ranging from £5-£15.

I’m ashamed to say they only just made it into my kit for a job this weekend – we’re moving house and they had been tidied away somewhere safe. However they are now in my new, clean brush roll. My old one was practically disintegrating but I couldn’t find one big enough, good brush rolls seem to be hard to come by these days. I eventually found one by Stilazzi from Guru Make-up Emporium that seems to fit the bill. I used most of the brushes on Saturday and I really liked them, time will tell what my favourites will be.

Talking about favourites, EcoTools have launched another brilliant brush set which is also sitting firmly in the new brush roll. The Fresh & Flawless is a five piece complexion set consisting of 2 concealer, 1 foundation, 1 blending and 1 powder brush. Designed to create a smooth airbrush finish in 5 easy steps although use them as you will, they are all great on their own too. I love the powder brush for blusher. I am a big fan of EcoTools for so many reasons, but the price continues to amaze me – £11.99 is an absolute bargain, I’ve seen it available to buy in Boots.

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